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really goes after the president on the issue of religion. take a listen, brooke. >> you have heard me recite the pledge. and then he says an oversight. it continues, though, over and over and over again. so, i'll tell you, we have to unmask this man. this is a man that seeks to destroy, destroy all concept of god. and i'll tell you what, this is classical philosophy. >> now, actually, it is easy to find video of the president reciting the pledge of allegiance and you do hear him sing the words under god. the issue of the president's faith was really put under a microscope during his first campaign for president. that question pretty much asked and answered. we did ask senator cruz's office for a statement about the mother jones article, they declined but referred us to a statement given to the magazine by a spokesman for senator cruz that said the selective quotes not clear which selective quotes we're talking aabout taken out of context, mischaracterized. like many americans he feels like he's on the wrong track and he also added that pastor cruz does not speak for the senator, brook
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1